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The corporate value concept reflect self-value, create a better life together

The value concept unanimously agreed by all employees is the most fundamental principle that guides the corporate behavior. It essentially determines the success of corporate and it is also the source that affect corporate performance. “reflect self-value, create a better life together” is our value concept, also the core concept of all corporate culture concepts.

To embody personal value is to pursue self-value realization, it is uplifting. Also it can make people rise up in difficulties, so as to achieve their glorious life. To pursue personal value realization can make us learn, improve, and grow up in practice. Our cognitive ability and level will also improve constantly in the process of self-pursuit. As long as we keep learning and not give up, we will come out of mistakes and failures slowly. Finally, we will see the dawn of victory.

Create a better life together: we can gradually realize basic substance target and improve the material living conditions of individuals and families through our joint efforts, so as to improve the quality of life and self-comprehensive quality, embody self-value, and create a better personal life.

The spirit of employeeLoyalty, collaboration, profession, aggressiveness

Loyalty:With due diligence, on the basic of protecting the interests of company. Loyalty is the , integrity is the basis of life. “loyalty” means that employee do not be selfish with the corporate, and devoted themselves into working for the corporate, always give thanks to others, and make achievements. Whether as an excellent traditional spirit, or as a corporate spirit of modern corporate, loyalty is not only a responsibility to guard, but also it is a kind of responsibility in itself.

Collaboration:Good at communication, cooperate with each other, to improve team efficiency. Now we have entered the era of teams, the era of individual heroes and singles is over! We need to integrate ourselves into the team, build the best team for our own business, and rely on the operation of the team to create our own business kingdom and world!

Profession:High standards, strict requirements, to improve professional skills continuously. Professional spirit means that you have in-depth study and tireless research on the work you are doing;you are constantly learning and innovating on the basis of original knowledge and full of creativity; you have extremely high professional ethics, professional ethics and dedication. Corporate need employees with professional spirit, and employees need professional spirit in working.

Aggressiveness:Always to be No.1, take the promotion of company development as his own responsibility. Aggressiveness is the starting point of success and the most important psychological resource.The stage is as big as a person's mind.High vision, always thinking about improvement and progress, is the most important habit of successful people.Enterprising spirit shapes a person's soul.The height of life each of us can achieve begins with a state of heart.When we are eager to achieve something, we will break through the constraints that limit us. Aggressiveness is the source of human wisdom. It is the most powerful engine, the benchmark that determines our achievements, and the source of vitality in life.With aggressiveness, we can fully tap our potential, realize the value of life, and fully enjoy the sweetness of life. Companies need highly motivated people.

Management conceptHonesty, cooperation, win-win, development

Honesty is the foundation of the market economy; honesty is the foundation of enterprise development and life. Honesty is an eternal investment of an enterprise and an eternal investment of everyone. People take honesty first, faith is honesty, and honesty is the source. Whoever has honesty means marrying with smile, applause and victory; whoever violates honesty is destined to walk with bitterness, loneliness and failure.

Cooperation is to work together for a common purpose or to complete a certain task together. In this period of large-scale social production, without cooperation, many products cannot be produced at all, and transactions cannot be carried out. Only through cooperation can we communicate with each other, realize resource sharing, and avoid waste of resources.

Win-win and development are under the common value concept, jointly taking risks, sharing benefits, reaching common goals, and achieving sustainable development. Win-win can enhance the competitiveness of enterprises, standardize industry standards, and effectively allocate various social resources. It is a powerful combination of wisdom, strength, brand, and human resources. It is the interdependence and commonality between enterprises and customers, strategic partners, and employees. The supporting point of development. However, a win-win situation cannot be achieved naturally. It must firstly have the basis of subjective qualities such as faith, will and character. While seeking their own interests, enterprises should also actively consider the interests of others, and replace independent competition with mutual benefit, mutual trust, and cooperation.

The 21st century is an era of competition and a generation of cooperation. It is an era of resource sharing, channel sharing, and wealth sharing. The ideal business model is for everyone to compete and collaborate, to "cooperatively create", to make the cake bigger and stronger, and ultimately achieve a win-win, win-win or multiple wins.

Service conceptService creates a good impression

Respect customers, understand customers, continue to provide products and services that exceed customer expectations, and be a partner forever. This is the service concept we have always insisted on and advocated. Improve the service system, strengthen pre-sales, sales, and after-sales services, help customers solve various problems in the use of commodities in time, and make customers feel very convenient.

Satisfaction comes from love! Only when there is love, we will manage, produce, and serve attentively!

"User first" emphasizes that the user is always the first priority, and the user is more important that everything else. "attentive service" emphasizes the basic principles to be followed in the service. Customer satisfaction is our work standard, and we are to use our sincerity to create touch. Attentive service,firstly, we must be "heartfelt" and "sincere", that is, service must start from the communication of the soul. The second is to "devotion" and "enthusiasm", that is, devoting all of your efforts and energy to serve the user wholeheartedly, for the sake of the user. Thirdly, we must be "careful" and "patience", and quality service is about starting from small things, that is, seeing the truth in subtleties, and persisting for a good result. Don't bother, be patient until the user is satisfied. In this way, our services will be perfect, will leave a good impression on customers, and establish a good brand image of the company.

Execution conceptdo not find the reason for no, only find the method that can do it

Enterprises need to have executive power, and executive power is competitiveness, because without executive power, no matter how magnificent the strategic blueprint or scientific and reasonable organizational structure, it can not achieve its expected results. "There is no excuse" is the most important code of conduct that the United States Military Academy at West Point has followed for 200 years. It reinforces that every student tries his best to complete any task, not to find excuses for not completing the task, even if it seems a reasonable excuse. He embodies a perfect execution ability, an attitude of obedience to honesty, and a spirit of being responsible and dedicated.

There are many reasons for failing a task, but we need work together to overcome difficulties and solve problems. We advocate "observing obedience as a virtue", "execution without any excuse", and "discipline is the basis of professionalism" The concept of work behavior is focused on creating a work style of "whole heart, immediate action, resolute action, responsible until the end". And in this way, it continuously strengthens enterprise management, making the thought more firm, the style more pragmatic, the execution smoother, the implementation more powerful, and the joint force stronger.

Employment conceptThe capable person get more than mediocre person, and give up the idler

The competition among today's enterprises is ultimately the competition for talent. In order to broaden the selection and employment channels, break the traditional employment mechanism, establish the principle of openness, equality, competition and merit-based employment, and change "horse judging" to "horse racing". Enterprises should always adhere to the employment mechanism of "The capable person get more than mediocre person, and give up the idler", establish a sense of urgency of "idle work is mistake," and create a system environment in which outstanding management talents stand out. For middle-level cadres, comprehensively implement the management methods of competitive recruitment, quantitative assessment, regular rotation, and end eliminate; for ordinary employees, we must insist on two-way selection, appoint positions, responsibilities, and personnel, and clarify power and responsibility; so as to truly realize “the capable person goes up, the mediocre person down, the idler gives up", establish a high-quality cadre team, and select qualified and excellent persons in charge at all levels.

People-oriented, the company will long-term adhere to "only virtue is used, only talent is the act", "people do their best, only use their best." Establish a sense of talent selection that combines both virtue and talent, and performance selection. At the same time, implement the strategy of "internal education and external introduction". Specifically, it is to train and retain talents inwards; to attract and introduce talents outwards.

Communication conceptListen and respond with heart

Without communication there is no understanding. Communication must first be good at listening. Whether it is good at listening is a sign to measure the level of a manager. It is also a management skill widely used by outstanding managers at all times. In the Tang Dynasty, Wei Zheng had a famous saying:To listen to both sides, one will be enlightened, but if heeding only one side, one will be benighted.Konosuke Matsushita summed up all of his business secrets in one sentence: first listen to the opinions of others.

Only through communication can there be understanding, and true understanding must be understood with heart and responded with heart. Otherwise, such superficial communication will be ineffective, and even create the counterproductive illusion. Because we blindly seek communication skills and communication channels, but ignore the sincerity that is being lost, the communication of the centrifugal spirit is further and further away. In fact, the collision of hearts is the source of communication. When managers trust others, they are being trusted by others.

If communication starts from the heart, then management ends with communication. Enterprise management, regardless of its rigidity or flexibility, always exercises its power and obligations within a certain agreed range, but the boundary of communication is the boundary of the soul. Only by opening the door to our hearts can we experience borderless communication, improve morale and motivate our work, and help us achieve our goals. Therefore, communicating with one's heart requires "clearly understanding my heart", so let us do a lot less work and take a lot of wrongdoing. Let us open our hearts to communicate, let the heart depend on the heart, let the sincere convey the warmth, let the understanding awaken the love.

Success conceptTo keep feet on the ground, achieve self-goals at each stage

Everyone has their own ideals and their own goals in life. It is commendable to have the spirit of seeking truth from facts, down-to-earth, objectively and calmly analyze their own advantages, and the objective conditions of the real society and environment, and formulate a more realistic one. Phased goals, such as long-term, medium-term, and short-term goals. For short-term goals, check gaps at any time, reflect on and inspire yourself, and find the direction of your efforts. In this way, let each small success continuously motivate yourself to move from one success to another success. One day, when we looked back suddenly, we found that we have achieved many proud stage successes in life.

Of course, success and failure always come together. Without failure, there is no such thing as success. The key is to look at our attitude towards failure. We have to face failure. Failure does not mean forever, because failure is a turning point in life. If you understand the failure, you can climb up again and find the reason for the failure, so success will beckon you.

The easiest thing in the world is persistence, and so is the hardest thing. It is easy because everyone can do it if they are willing to do it; but it is difficult because it is really only a few people who can really do it. And success is about perseverance. This is a secret that is not mysterious.

Attitude conceptDoing things seriously can only do things right but doing things with heart can do things well

Attitude is everything! Only by maintaining a positive attitude, working hard, putting the most important energy on the most important things, focusing on your career and success, paying our greatest enthusiasm, and pursuing excellence, can we give us the greatest success Incentives, we can use our greatest potential, and we can make our ability accompany greater innovation and creativity! Only then can we do things well and do our work perfectly!

Cost conceptSave resources, start with ourselves

Saving is not only a way of behavior, but also a quality, a responsibility and a virtue. Savings emphasizes the use and consumption of timely, appropriate, moderate, and suitable materials in accordance with the characteristics of the goods, and use less resources to obtain greater economic and social benefits. Therefore, saving is an important way to reduce costs and increase social wealth. The rapid development of human industrial civilization, along with the endless destruction and waste of ecological resources, natural resources are increasingly depleted. Each of us should establish the concept of being kind to the earth and protecting ecological resources. Protecting ecological resources and protecting the earth are the common responsibility of all mankind.

Don't cease to do good things no matter how seemingly insignificant they are. Please start with me and start with bit by bit!

Learning conceptthe beginning of a change of destiny

Knowledge changes destiny, learning achieves the future. May the light of learning light up the ideal in our hearts. We are in an era of rapid change, fierce competition, and survival of the fittest.  How to effectively respond to change, establish a competitive advantage, and achieve sustainable development is the most important issue that every organization and individual cannot avoid. Deep in each of us, we have a deep desire for success. We yearn for success, and only learning can make it possible. The learning path is as long as your heart is high

Learning is the first need of modern people and the fundamental means for enterprises and employees to survive and develop. Only by becoming a learning organization can an enterprise survive and develop for a long time without dying; employees must keep learning to keep up with the pace of social development without being eliminated. Knowledge is wealth, skill is value, learning is accumulation of capital, and learning can create happiness. The era of one-time learning is over, and diplomas are no longer lifelong durables, and everyone needs lifelong learning. Lifelong learning will benefit you for life; all staff will benefit from it. It is necessary to promote the whole process of learning, make work study, study work.

Training conceptThe most valuable
investment is investment in people

In the final analysis, the competition of modern enterprises is still the competition of talents; in order for enterprises to take the initiative in the fierce market competition and secure a victory, they must form a high-quality team. More need to rely on corporate training. Today's era is the era of knowledge economy and informatization, and the speed of knowledge update is greatly accelerated. This requires enterprises to increase training efforts, according to the company's own development requirements, targeted and adapted to the requirements of enterprise development. This is a wise move that achieves benefits and is a win-win strategy for the common development of employees and the enterprise.

Training is not only an investment, but also the most valuable investment of an enterprise. Training not only improves employees' consciousness, enthusiasm and creativity, but also increases the efficiency and value of the company's output to benefit the enterprise, but also enhances the quality and ability of the employees themselves and benefits the employees. In terms of employee training, the more adequate the training, the more attractive it is to employees, and the more value-added human resources can be used to create more benefits for the enterprise. Training is an investment with a very high rate of return, which makes it possible for companies to multiply their profits.


Competition conceptSurvival of the fittest

This is an era of fierce competition and innovation, but also an era full of contradictions and traps. The natural laws of survival of the fittest are still valid. The strong will succeed miraculously in a short time, and the weak will be eliminated quickly and ruthlessly.

Anyone who wants to win the competition must have an advantage in concept, quality, technology, price, service and reputation. Obtaining the advantages depends on the correct decision-making of the enterprise leaders and the joint efforts of all employees. From the perspective of corporate culture, the key is to establish a sense of competition in the pursuit of excellence among all employees.In order to establish a sense of competition in pursuit of excellence, a good psychological environment of self-love, self-esteem, self-confidence, and self-improvement must be formed, a spirit of self-improvement must be encouraged, and a strong sense of collective honor and responsibility should be cultivated. Continuously cultivate the sense of competition of all employees and continuously strengthen the internal competition mechanism.Improve the quality of the employee team through internal competition and optimize the structure of the employee team. The development of an enterprise is like rushing through the waves, choosing the best from the strong, and choosing the best from the best. Enterprises can only win a good environment for survival and development (that is, future survival) if they do their best to fight hard, fight, and achieve good business performance.

Sales conceptOnly off-season idea, no off-season market

There are only off-season thoughts and no off-season markets. Only weak thoughts and no off-season markets; management itself has no off-season and peak seasons. Artificial slack allows people to deliberately define these two terms in mind, so that our behavior is bound, and even form stereotyped thinking.

Although the off-peak season of corporate sales exists objectively, the key is how we look at it. We have to change the marketing concept in low season. Haier believes that the only constant rule of the market is to change forever. If an enterprise wants to improve its sales performance during the off-season, it must change its business concept and establish the idea of "no sales off-season". Faced with the shift of the off-peak season that rotates like a season, only by guiding consumption with a positive attitude and creating consumption can we get out of the off-season sales season and improve sales performance.