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Know How to Shop For High-end Fans

Update:03 Nov 2021
It's always exciting when you go to the mall and you see high-end fans on display, it makes me salivate just thinking about all the great stores there. They can range anywhere from electronic goods to sports memorabilia to furniture to accessories and many other things. However, they don't all look the same and that is what makes them so great. No two stores are exactly alike and so when you go into one you need to know what you're looking for to make it as easy as possible. To help you out here are a few tips that I hope you find very helpful. You can also visit my website to see a list of all of my favorite stores.

The first thing you should consider with high-end fans is the type of fan you want. Are you going for a lighting fixture or a fan? There are tons of different types of fans and a lot of brands to choose from. Most people will choose a fan over a light because fans are more versatile and can be moved to wherever you need them most. There are even some mid-range fans that have switches so you can turn them on and off. If you decide to purchase a fan make sure it has at least four speeds because you don't want your ceiling fan to be zipping through the ceiling while someone is having a conversation on the phone.

The next thing you should think about for your high-end fans is whether or not you would prefer a quiet fan or one that is a little bit noisy. The quieter models tend to cost a little more but if you can't hear anything then it isn't necessary really. I personally wouldn't buy one unless I'm talking to my lover or in a extremely quiet room. The other option is to get a fan that has good acoustics and some great mounting hardware such as ball bearings. There are some models of fans that will literally turn themselves on if they have the right mounting hardware and are a lot quieter than any other fan.

The third thing that you need to know when looking at high-end fans is how to control the noise. First, you have to understand what is happening with these fans. The noise is caused by the motor and fan blades spinning rapidly. Depending on the brand you choose, you can either buy fans with ball bearings or vented versions. The latter are better for eliminating noise and they are much more expensive as well. Most high-end fans do have vented versions but you have to be very careful when using them in humid areas or where there is a lot of dust because the dust could cause a badener in your air circulation system.

Ball bearings help eliminate noise because the blade is actually balancing on two balls which are spun around by a chain. As the blades spin, the air is forced through the ball bearings and helps move air around more efficiently. Another option that you have is a fan with a large hub and tall blades. This kind of fan has a hub about midway between the blades and it can make a nice air flow even if it is not vented. However, this fan is more noisy than the ones with just the center hub. If you would really like quiet fans, then you can look for the ones that have baffles on the outer side so you can still move air but without the noise.

It should be noted that high-end fans come in a variety of prices. You should get a fan with as little motor power as possible but at the same time, it should be durable and offer quietness. If you want silent fans, then you might consider getting those that have multi-speed speeds because the fan is usually powered by the movement of the blades. Lastly, you should check the wind speed of the fan so you would know when to purchase one of these fans.